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Where to legally consume your bud after leaving the recreational dispensary in Denver, CO

At last! You’ve just purchased your fine bud from one of the best recreational dispensaries in Denver, Colorado. You walk outside, riddled with joy at the prospect of being able to legally purchase up to an ounce of cannabis and you light up. Sirens? Wait, what? Police? Was it a trap all along? Could the state of Colorado have legalized marijuana and allowed it to be sold through recreational dispensaries in Denver to weed out (pun intended) all the stoners from society?

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Stop right there, dear paranoia. You’re within your constitutional rights to buy the bud and posses it but are responsible for keeping it discreet after leaving the recreational dispensary. It is appreciated by the residents and there’s a law concerning the public consumption of marijuana in Colorado. It is banned to consume pot in all public areas. This includes: smoking, eating, vaping (electronic ciggy) and drinking anything with THC.

Now, there is a debate as to whether enforcing strict laws around the consumption of marijuana in public areas is contradictory to the fact that buying cannabis at a recreational dispensary in Colorado is fully legal but this article is for another purpose. It’s your friendly guide to consuming retail marijuana in Colorado and more specifically, in Denver.

There are no coffee shops like in Amsterdam, you can’t consume it on the street, nor in your car, in a bar, in the recreational dispensary you just visited, in the park.. on a balcony.

Before we list a few places where you can consume marijuana in Denver… Here are some FAQS when it comes to consuming your fine bud:

Q: Can I smoke up at the recreational dispensaries in Denver?

A: No. On-site consumption is prohibited at recreational marijuana shops.

Q: Can I just spark up at a park somewhere?

A: Absolutely not. Public consumption is banned.

Q: Ski slope?

A: It’s so appealing isn’t it? Lighting up amongst the snow whilst someone is backfliping off of a monster jump at the snow park. No is the answer. And, what’s more, most of the actual ski slopes are on federal land, where marijuana use and possession remains strictly forbidden.

Q: What about on a camping trip?

A: No. National parks, national forests & national monuments are all out of bounds. Possession is punishable by up to six months in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Q: How about lighting up a doobie on my back patio, front porch or balcony?

A: Different cities have different regulations concerning this. Denver even considered banning the consumption of recreational marijuana wherever the skunk funk could be sniffed out by a neighbor such as a back yard, front porch or apartment balcony. They soon backed off though.

Q: What about pot smoking in apartments?

A: Landlords can say no. It seems that the only place you can smoke is in a private residence with the owner’s permission. For now… (see next paragraph).

Read a more detailed FAQ on the Denver Post

Due to the strict and “non-sensible” laws associated with the consumption of marijuana, there is pressure to perform and therefore, the primary writers of amendment 64 are considering writing in a line or two that would allow the consumption of recreational marijuana at bars, restaurants & nightclubs with the owner’s permission.

For now though, here are 3 places where you can legally consume marijuana in Denver, Colorado:

1. Although recreational stores are not akin to an Amsterdam Coffee Shop, there is a workaround that has been used by some stealthy & fast acting entrepreneurs. You can purchase a day pass or membership at “Private Marijuana Clubs” where tourists and Denverian connoisseurs alike can appreciate the green.

  • iBake Lounge, 6125 Washington St. Website

2. Or you can reserve a smoker friendly room at a THC tolerating hotel such as:

  • Adagio Bud and Breakfast, 1430 Race St. Website

REMEMBER! Do not smoke on the balcony at a hotel when in public view.Smoking cannabis in public in denver

3. Many local residents are also posting on Craigslist to open up their doors to cannabis smokers as the law does state that you are within your right to consume recreational marijuana on private property with the owner’s permission.

On a final note, make sure to do the following whilst in Denver, Colorado:

  1.  Visit one of the best reviewed recreational cannabis dispensaries.
  2. Buy some dank.
  3. Enjoy your flight.

For more information about the ins and outs of marijuana consumption in Colorado, visit the Colorado Pot Guide.



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