The beneficial effects of Marijuana

Posted By on Jul 17, 2015

There´s more good than bad – take a walk on the sunny side

Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3,000, Pete Blackshaw tells in his book, but it´s an old saying and whether it´s ten or three thousand it´s clear that negative news always gets broadcast more than the positive. Well the good news here is that it works the other way round with cannabis. There are more positive than negative features and the good news is that you can now visit one of Colorado´s legal dispensaries and find out for yourself. The positive effects are found in the medical, non pharmaceutical, social and recreational fields.images cannabis oil

The number one positive function could be the relief of pain. NIDA (The National Institute on Drug Abuse) highlights the following diseases which are all impacted positively by cannabinoids (the non high-flying elements in cannabis). Here is a list of medical conditions where marijuana is helping people fight pain and disease:

Autoimmune disease: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain secondary to other autoimmune diseases like IBS, multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus…

HIV: findings that cannabinoid mechanisms can retard the progression of the disease.

Cancer and chemotherapy: the cannabinoid modulation of hyperalgesia

Schizophrenia and seizures: cannabis use can ameliorate dysregulated circuitry.

Glaucoma which leads to loss of vision is being sucessfully treated with marijuana because it reduces pressure in the eye. See Denver Relief, a medical marijuana dispensary, the article on its website titled “Glaucoma and Cannabis”

Lung health: ironically it has been found that MJ can improve rather than harm lung health, quite unlike tobacco.

Parkinson´s disease: researchers in Israel found that smoking cannabis appeared to reduce rigidity, pain and tremor in sufferers of the disease. It also improved quality of sleep.

So who doesn´t know one person, family or friend, that is suffering from one of the conditions above? Time to visit a medical dispensary or recreational dispensary.

On the recreational side, what´s the buzz?

Feelin’ good, feelin’ good
All the money in the world spent on feelin’ good…

Levon Helm – Feelin Good Lyrics | MetroLyrics  (see our upcoming price guide to Colorado dispensaries)

…is what it´s about. Both marijuana made from the buds and leaves and hashish made from the resin of the plant both produce feelings of euphoria, the first more edgy than the second. We´ve always looked for something greener on the other side of the hill (sic!) thus man has experimented with mind-altering drugs since he learned to pick a root, chew a leaf or carve a pipe.

Weed turns the volume up on your sensory perception – colours, sounds, music and touch. Emotional and physical experiences, like sex, are intensified.

Creative juices are stimulated. There aren´t so many studies on the recreational aspects because its effects tend to be more subjective, more a personal thing. Many find improved social skills after a toke and there´s nothing like a good laugh…side effects of marijuana with robin williams

The passing round and sharing of a joint allows for bonding and relaxation. And curiously many people will gain the benefits they actively seek to obtain. It´s only natural.

The nineteenth century French poet, Charles Baudelaire, wrote “The brain on marijuana will never deviate from its destined disposition, nor be driven to madness. Marijuana is a mirror reflecting man´s deepest thoughts, a magnifying mirror, it is true, but only ever a mirror.”





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