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High Times Cannabis Cup is a major cannabis festival that takes place in various cities around the world where recreational marijuana is legal.


Cannabis enthusiasts from all over the world come to these cities in order to sample and vote on their favorite cannabis products, strains, as well as services. The results from these festivals are widely considered to set the standard for the cannabis industry as far as marijuana, hash, as well as other products are concerned. During these festivals, various prizes are handed out including the ‘Cannabis cup ‘.


First,we thought you might enjoy this episode of THE CANNABIST SHOW which features a 4 time Cannabis Cup Winning Organic Recreational Weed

  1. The Awards

The top award handed out during the High Times Cannabis Cup festivals is the ‘Cannabis cup’. Other prizes are also handed out. These prices have varied over time but in recent years they have remained relatively stable. Currently, the following are the rewards that are handed out:

Watch this video from The Cannabist Show  for a look at a 4 time Cannabis Cup winner:

2. Sativa Cup and Indica Cup

These are the most widely consumed species of cannabis and each of these two species imparts a different ‘buzz’. This reward is for the highest rated strain of each of these cannabis strains.


indica recreational cannabis first place cup winner

1.st place Indica 2015: Zkittlez from 3rd Gen Family with Terphogz with The Union

Cannabis cup sativa winner

1st. Place Sativa 2015: Strawberry Banana from Greenwolf Oregon with G.C. Rebellion Farms









Photo credit: High Times

3. Glass cup

This cup is contended for by glass pipes and other products.

4. Best BoothBIS

This award is meant for the best both at the cannabis expo.

5. Product Cup

This cup is awarded to the best product from a wide variety of products. These products include vaporizers that can deliver THC without exposing the user to the hazards of smoke, films, as well as microscopes that are used to view the trichomes of the cannabis buds.

6. Neder Hash and Import Hash

These are the highest rated hash strains. Neder Hash varieties are known to be more potent while Import Hash varieties are more nuanced. The award is meant for the highest rated neder hash and import hash strains.

In addition, a new inductee into the counterculture Hall of Fame is announced during the High Times Cannabis Cup. The inductee is honored for his or her contribution to marijuana culture.

7. Exposition

The main idea behind the High Times Cannabis Cup is the expo. The expo is held in a different city each year. In 2016, it will be held in the city of Denver.

In this expo, vendors will line the exposition centre with their booths. These booths usually vary in appearance; some are usually very sleek while others are just ordinary looking. A majority of these booths offer free marijuana samples. Performances, demonstrations, as well as speeches are held from time to time at the individual booths as well as the central podium. In all the expos held in different cities the world over, 4.20 P.M usually marks a very special moment in the day’s activities. This is a moment that took on a spiritual import in the weed subculture of the 1960’s in California. Today, this subculture is shared by many other weed enthusiasts the world over. The same thing is expected to happen in the High Times Cannabis Cup Denver 2016. Just like so many stoners know, the number ‘420’ refers to the US penal code for weed possession.

Cup’s Activities

Just like in other years, the expo activities in Denver in 2016 will not be confined to the expo only. The activities will be spread around the city of Denver. This will allow visitors to experience the cultural as well as recreational dispensaries scene in Denver. They will also experience other cannabis –related activities in Denver.

Cannabis cup tickets can be bought online or over the phone. Some companies can ship your ticket the same day you purchase it or a day later. Some of these companies also deal with international orders. They are usually sent through FedEx International. You only need to buy your ticket on time.



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