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Posted By on Jan 2, 2016

You have a store, you have a wonderful product, you have shed blood, sweat and tears to get your medicinal and/or recreational cannabis dispensary business up and running… But why is the influx of a crowd of weed consumers absent? Why, after all this effort, are you not reaping what you so tenderly sowed?

Dear Green Rush Entrepreneur and Cannabis Business Owner:  

At this time, in this snowballing market, having a shop front and even a simple website is not enough. You cannot expect your customers to come to you unless you are completely visible to them. What you need is a complete marketing make over that effectively plants your company’s name, values and whereabouts all over, for all to see. Then the flood gates will open.

Ode to High Profit Inc.

Dispensary websites complete with information, features and guaranteeing an excellent reach is offered by High Profit Inc. This professional web marketing and consultancy agency offers an array of services at competitive rates. They will achieve solid results for your recreational and medical weed dispensary, the main being lead generation, in a time frame like no other. We can speak from experience, as they are the company who launched and allowed it to become a major competitor in the recreational cannabis market, here in Denver, Colorado.

High Profit Inc. believe that whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, it is a human’s sovereign right to have the choice to consume cannabis, adding that doing so responsibly will allow for the user’s well being to be left in tact. It is therefore their social duty to match potential weed dispensary customers with only the finest establishments. They will work closely with those pot shop owners who genuinely care about the people who walk through their doors and will implement optimized strategies to ensure a satisfying experience for all those involved.

pot store denver colorado

A fully budded marijuana plant ready for trimming. Photograph: Rick Wilking / Reuters

Offering an array of services at reasonable rates while ensuring optimum reach with uncompromising standards, the dedicated staff here know the potential of every client. Did we mention there are no binding contracts? And that they will not rest until your ROI is through the roof?

Their services include but are not limited to:

-Lead generation through various integrated strategies.
-An eye catching full web design and branding package.
-Reputation Management.
-Customer Retention (They’ll keep coming back).

Here’s an example of a video they made for us, complete with an excellent description:

Denver Dispensaries Colorado +1 172-044-92148 Recreational Dispensary Denver, Colorado from High Profit Inc. on Vimeo.

So, if eyeballs on your website and a flood of customers through your door smells like the choicest, freshly grinded herb, then give them a call on: +1 172-044-92148 or use our contact form on (Be sure to use the code “FlyingHigh” for a free, cutomized logo design  or 10% off you complete marketing package).


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