Mary Jane´s Patch ranks at the top of the list of recreational marijuana dispensaries in Denver, Colorado

Of all the Denver dispensaries, Mary Jane´s Patch provides the best in local and international flavour.  Like good cigars, cannabis requires careful and controlled storage so that the colour, flavor and oils are maintained at their optimum point. MJP´s state of the art installation takes care that your product is always 100%  on target.

MJP´s mission is to serve the choicest weed around. If you are a seasoned consumer you will appreciate the wide variety and quality of its product. Looking for something special? You will find it there. If you are starting out and not sure how and what to choose, the specialist staff will help you on your way with friendly and useful advice.

Apart from consumables, you will find a wide selection of related paraphernalia. Cooking, storing, smoking – whatever your need, MJP offers only the best equipment. There is also an extensive offer of informative and interesting marijuana literature and some of the best marijuana gifts around.

Be it medical or recreational, whatever your interest in marijuana, visit Mary Jane´s Patch. The company is   looking to blaze a trail ahead in this newly legalized industry. Top quality customer service and impeccable quality product will ensure many repeat visits. You can contact them by email:  admin@maryjanespatch.com, phone 720-449-2148 (Denver, Sullivan) or through this contact form.

You can find more information about retail recreational dispensaries in Denver over on our homepage/blog 🙂





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