10 Activities to Do in Denver and the Rest of Colorado when Stoned

Posted By on Sep 20, 2015

If you visit Denver or Colorado to buy legal marijuana, there is a very high likelihood that you are going to get stoned at some point. Colorado is the center of marijuana culture. In addition, the people are friendly, there is great food and amazing sights too. Here are 10 activities to do in Denver and the rest of Colorado when stoned:

Watch this video via The New York Times for some top things to do in Denver, Colorado:

1.Drink beer
Denver has over 200 microbreweries. Beer dominates the nightlife in this Mile High city. There are also a number of bars on LoHi, one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Denver.

2. Attend festivals
Denver has a tradition of beer, medieval cuisine and swords. The renaissance festival has a friendly and entertaining atmosphere. This event is usually held in the summer. It is suitable for people of all ages.

Another festival is the 420 Festival. This festival is actually a holiday. It happens on the 20th of April. It takes place in the city center and in Boulder, Colorado as well. This event is ideal for stoners and casual users of marijuana. It helps them see that the marijuana community is very large. The event is awash with amazing food and great buds.

Grow Big Supply is not really a festival. It is a store that offers a variety of lights, nutrients, and gear, as well as used equipment. This store hosts a free party every Thursday night. You can watch go-go dancers, hula-hoopers and other people. You can then visit the Dab lounge in the adjacent shipping container.

3. Experiencing live music
If you want to experience live music, one of the best places to go to in Colorado is the Red Rocks Amphitheater. This venue is the center of music in Colorado.It has received very many awards since its inception. Better still, the venue offers a magnificent view of Denver. A bit of bhang will certainly elevate the beauty of the view. You can also enjoy free movie nights, hiking, sightseeing and concerts.
Best pot dispensaries near Red Rocks

photo credit: Sunrise at Bryce Canyon via photopin (license)

4. Go shopping
While you may not smoke hashish in public, you can still enjoy the city when you are stoned. One of the things that you can do is shop. 16th Street Mall offers impressive light, culture and shopping. There are also restaurants and various attractions. The mall is one mile long, and it is easily accessible via various means of transport. Better still, you can stop along the way, get into a recreational marijuana dispensary and intake some more ganja before you go on and shop.

Another shopping option is the Pearl Street Mall. It is nestled against the majestic Rocky Mountains. It is the largest mountain shopping experience in Boulder, Colorado.

If you want to shop for clothes, you may want to visit Grassroots California. This is an ideal place for people who love hats with attractive designs. The prices are quite affordable. You can also buy shirts and pot-leaf socks. You can burn a dab or two off as you interact with other stoners.

5. Visit the park
Denver has over 4,000 acres of parks and parkways. There is a high likelihood that you will be near a park, literally anywhere in Denver. Just find out if there is one near where you are.

best weed recreation denver and colorado
photo credit: Moraine Lake Sunrise via photopin (license)

You can also visit the Rocky mountain park. Here, you can enjoy some hiking, stunning waterfalls, and tranquil lakes. The best part it is just an hour’s drive from Denver.

6. Take a tour in a bus
You can take a tour in a bus. The bus has e-nails and dab stations. The excursion around Denver is affordable, just $30. The bus stops at dispensaries, the Dab Lab, and grow operations. You can continue dabbing during the excursion.

7. Participating in artwork
One of the best art classes in Denver is Heidi Keyes’ stony art class. It is held on Friday and Saturday nights at the Green Labs co-working space. The best thing about these art classes is that you get to interact with like-minded people, couples, returning students, weed tourists, and international visitors. However, there is a limit to the number of painters. Only 25 painters can be in class per session. Each session is 2 hours, and it goes for $50. There is a special monthly class targeted at people suffering from PTSD.

8. Enjoy some cuisine
Stoners certainly love food. The ‘Taste of Colorado’ is an annual event which allows you to enjoy some Colorado cuisine from all over Denver. The event is held next to Colorado’s state capitol. Both locals and tourists enjoy the event.

Another good place is Cheeba Hut. It is located just off the 16th Street Mall. Here, you can enjoy a wide variety of ‘toasted’ sub sandwiches. These sandwiches are named after strains of Cannabis, for instance, White Widow, Kali Mist, Thai Stick and Panama Red. There are meat and vegan options, for instance, salad-on-a-sandwich, Magic Mushroom (portabella), and Humboldt. Enjoy some homemade treats, for instance, goo balls, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies. There is a $6 lunch special ideal for the downtown crowd. You cannot puff on the premises though. There is a branch of Cheeba at 1313 College Avenue in Boulder. LoHi also has a number of restaurants.

9. Visit the museum
If you cannot go for the art classes, a better option will be visiting the Denver Art Museum. It is one of the largest between Chicago and the West coast. It has a collection of over 7,000 permeant pieces and traveling exhibits.

You can also visit the museum of nature and science. Here you can explore the cosmos, see the dinosaurs and visit the planetarium or IMAX. You can see mythic creatures like Bigfoot, unicorns, mermaids, dragons, and Loch Ness monsters.

10. Visit the Union Station
The Union Station is Denver’s newest hot spot. It allows you to be part of the energy that makes the city abuzz with activity. You can grab a bite or beverage, or do whatever this venue inspires you to do.

There are a number of activities to do in Denver or Colorado when you are stoned. You can get to enjoy marijuana culture, the magnificent scenes, enjoy festivals, beer and cuisine. You need not sit around. Enjoy some stimulation.


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